Thursday, June 21, 2007

Friday, June 22nd

Thursday, June 21st:

Thusrday started what will hopefully be another streak of up days for me. While the DOW gained about half a percent, my account was able to move up one and a quarter percent. The move was virtually all from UTVG, which announced an acquisition yesterday after the market closed and continue to plow ahead. I did not make any trades on Thursday, but CHCG has dropped to a point where I would consider buying some shares up.

Holdings as of the end of the day Thursday:

AOB 37.9%
CEDA 18.0%
LWLL 3.4%
QAEIC 2.4%
UTVG 22.7%
Cash 15.7%

Outlook for Friday:

I will keep a close eye on CHCG to see if it will move into a potential buying range. Also, as my XING option appears to be dead money for the next month, it will be even more important to maximize my gains in UTVG. Hopefully that stock will continue its move up into the high 2s. I am also hoping to see CEDA continue its push up into the mid .60s after taking a bit of a breather Thursday.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thursday, June 20th

Wednesday, June 19th:
As expected, Wednesday did indeed end my run of consecutive up days for my account. All the major indices went down over 1% and my account dropped 1.5%. The reason for the drop had to do with weakneed from AOB and XING stating that it could be another month before they release their 06 numbers. I did not make any trades, as I did not feel there were great buying or selling opportunities.

Holdings as of the end of the day Wednesday:

AOB 38.2%
CEDA 18.5%
LWLL 3.4%
QAEIC 3.1%
UTVG 20.9%
Cash 15.9%

Outlook for Thursday:

On Thursday I am going to be looking for more gains from UTVG. This stock has been one my best buys and I am hoping for the upward trend to continue. Additionally, I will be watching for any pullback in CHND or CHCG that would create an attractive entry point.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wednesday, June 20th

Tuesday, June 19th:
Well, Tuesday did indeed mark the 7th straight up day for my account. Not only did it extend the streak, but it was also my largets dollar gain thus far. While the DOW increased slightly, my account was able to gain 2.4% today on a strong move from UTVG and CHND. This rally has brought me to within 8.3% of attaining my goal. I made one trade today, selling off the rest of my CHND at 3.28. I will be looking to rebuy into the stock, however, on any pullbacks.

Holdings as of the end of the day Tuesday:

AOB 38.9%
CEDA 18.2%
LWLL 3.4%
QAEIC 3.8%
UTVG 20.0%
Cash 15.7%

Outlook for Wednesday:

I have a feeling that Wednesday could mark the end of my winning streak on the market, especially if the overall markets take a reprieve. Most of my stocks finished very close to their highs of the day and have had a significant run up the last week or so. I believe that there could very possibly be a pullback with a couple of the stocks I own, causing my value to drop. This will be alright however, as long as I can continue the general trend up going forward. In other news, the Hedge Fund account had another up day and has approached a 2% return for the month. This return is made more remarkable given the fact that we have only been trading for about a week and we only have approximately 40% of our funds invested at this point.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Tuesday, June 19th

Monday, June 18th:
My account carried on with the momentum from last week, making today the 6th consecutive up day for my portofolio. While no move has been overly dramatic, these solid days have gotten me to within 10% of my goal to break even before pulling out of the account. I made only 1 trade today, selling my initial shares of CHND after they announced a nice contract for one of their subisiary companies. In other news, UTVG seems to have broken out of its trading range and CEDA reached .60 for the first time in a while.

Holdings as of the end of the day Monday:
AOB 40.6%
CEDA 17.8%
CHND 5.4%
LWLL 3.4%
QAEIC 3.7%
UTVG 18.2%
Cash 10.6%

Outlook for Tuesday:
Tuesday will try to bring the streak to 7 straight up days for my account. I will be looking for UTVG and CEDA to continue their rallies, as well as watching to see if AOB can break through 10. Other than that, I will be doing the normal price observing for opportunities to make some money. In Rick and my hedge fund account, we will look to build on a solid day Monday and try to solidify our long term holdings while at the same time making a profit in the short term.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Monday, June 18th

Friday, June 15th:
Friday was another good day for me. I was able to beat the DOW and made it every day this week that my account gained value. While it may be hard to continue that run going into the following week, I am holding out hope that XING releases their earnings and I can bank off of my option. On Friday I took the chance to add to my position in CHND at $3.02. The stock later fell to 2.85, but came back to close at 3. I am hoping that this can get a little pop early next week and get out for a 3-5% profit.

Holdings as of the end of the day Friday:

AOB 41.0%
CEDA 17.3%
CHND 15.3%
LWLL 3.6%
QAEIC 4.6%
UTVG 18.3%
Cash 0.0%

Outlook for Monday:

Will XING report earnings? Will they announce an earnings release date??? That is the big question. I am hoping for them to release it sometime during the week, so why not Monday? This stock will be rags or riches for me, as my option will either triple in value, or be worthless after this report I believe. As for the rest of my stocks, I will be watching CHND carefully to hopefully play the sell side of my swing. Other than that, I have no cash available. So, I will have to sell something if a great buying opportunity comes along.
In other news, my first contribution for our Hedge Fund account should be in on Monday. If Rick's brother's contribution also clears, the account value will push over $10,000 for the first time...the first milestone of many hopefully.

Friday, June 15th

Thursday, June 14th:
The markets had yet another rally today as consumer spending continued to grow at a good pace. My account lagged slightly, only gaining a fractional amount. I did not make any trades on Thursday, but CHND is consolidating to a price where I may be tempted to buy more.

Holdings as of the end of the day Thursday:
AOB 41.1%
CEDA 17.6%
CHND 5.2%
LWLL 3.6%
QAEIC 3.7%
UTVG 18.3%
Cash 10.5%

Outlook for Friday:

I will continue to watch the markets today for any buying opportunities. Between the recently started hedge fund and my personal account, I have plenty to watch for. I continue to wait for XING's long awaited earnings report, but do not hold out much hope for them reporting before next week.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thursday, June 14th

Wednesday, June 13th:
The market had a good rally today, leading many stocks higher. AOB was helped along somewhat due to them finally announcing an acquisition. While it is somewhat smaller than I had hoped for, I think there may be some more acquisitions on the horizon for the company in the next few months. One of my smaller holdings, CPNE, climbed over 20% at one point today, allowing for me to sell out of it with an 8% profit after being down 15% on it a couple days ago. All in all my portfolio had just over a 1% increase today, slightly underperforming the DOW.

Holdings as of the end of the day Wednesday:
AOB 41.6%
CEDA 17.1%
CHND 5.4%
LWLL 3.4%
QAEIC 3.7%
UTVG 18.2%
Cash 10.6%

Outlook for Thursday:

As time goes on, I am beginning to believe that QAEIC, my XING option, is the key for me to get back to even. It had jumped from about $80 a few days ago to $130 yesterday before falling back down today. I await XING's earnings release in hope that it will send the stock upward and hopefully giving me at least a double on my investment. As for my strategy for the day, it remains the same as before.